Welcome to The Madrinha Trust, a small charity hoping to make a big difference, one child at a time!
I have lived in ten different countries, and have visited educational projects across the globe, from the slums of Delhi to the favelas of Brazil, from the South African township of Soweto to the Bronx in New York, from downtown Vancouver to the East End of London and found that poverty has no borders. In all my travels I have been privileged to meet extraordinary people who dedicate their lives to making a real difference; and everywhere there are marginalised children living in poverty and in danger. We have to do better by them.

It is through some of the educational charities I visited and others known to our trustees that we find our mentees, our “godchildren”. We ask that the nominees be bright, self-motivated and likely to become agents for change within their local communities, wherever they may be. In all cases they will be nominated because they do not have the financial means to fulfil their potential.  The Madrinha Trust will guarantee to support these youngsters throughout their educational lives, financially and with mentoring.  Each will have a nominated mentor, a “godparent” to give guidance and enable them to achieve their goals.

One of my favourite quotes is from the late Anita Roddick who said “if you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room”.

If your charity can recommend such people for our support and mentoring or if you have an interest in a country in the developing world and would like to mentor young people who live there, then please contact us.

Jania Geoghegan

Chairman and Founder

Trustees:Jania Geoghegan (Chairman), Graham Sims, Malcolm Durham (Deputy Chairman & Treasurer), Sui Chin Mckeand (Legal Advisor), Caroline Pocock, Amrit Singh, Maya Sanbar, David Levin and Ellie Patsalos.

The Madrinha Trust does not accept unsolicited applications for funding

Our Mentees our in the following locations:


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